A New At-home experience

Uniquely drawing comparisons between the country’s current lockdown and the Prohibition period of the 1920s, Cassidy’s and it’s apothecary disguise makes the perfect means to successfully smuggle liquor direct to your homes.

– Choose from a selection of delicious cocktails and sweet liqueurs, delivered right to your door.
– Receive secret video messaging from characters throughout the bootlegging journey as well as access to exclusive content.
– Enjoy from the comfort of your home and avoid detection from the Law.

The Prescriptions & Treatments

Cocktails & Liqueurs

All of our products are handmade in small batches using bespoke bitters, handmade liqueurs and premium spirits. Quick to serve, just add ice and enjoy world class mixology at home.

The Moonshiners and Bootleggers

Video Experience

With every order unlock a unique video experience featuring multiple characters along your moonshine’s brewing, bottling and bootlegging journey. You will hear from Mr Cassidy himself as well as his trusted bootlegger Cyril Beaumont who you will have to help on his journey to you.

The Story

Country Lockdown

In 1920, the United States adopted national prohibition. It banned the sale, manufacture, and transportation of alcoholic beverages. Saloons were closed, and individuals turned to illegal means to get hold of their liquor. With only pharmacies and essential stores remaining open, people got creative with ways to source their poison.

Apothecary Speakeasy

Cassidy has recognised this as a business opportunity, and has hereby reopened the Moonshine Saloon as ‘Cassidy’s’, a unique Apothecary used to disguise and operate an illegal liquor store, prescribing, selling and distributing liquor to people’s (your) homes. Now, whilst we can’t be brushing elbows with y’all and playing cards like normal, it doesn’t mean we can’t facilitate one hell of a party! We have to keep a low profile, so let us smuggle the liquor to your door. If we got to be in our homes, we can’t just be drinking Adam’s Ale can we?

Nationwide Bootlegging

Cassidy’s cocktails and liqueurs are becoming hugely popular as “prescribed remedies” and being bootlegged all over the country. Outlaws wishing to continue their intake of liquor during lockdown could receive delicious cocktails to enjoy from the comfort of their own homes simply by placing an order from Cassidy’s. Do not be alarmed if your bootlegger is seen wearing clinical masks and/or gloves. This is to help our disguise, so we look above-board.