Moonshine Saloon

Calling all outlaws

Step off the streets of London and onto the streets of the Wild West to get your fair share of the illicit Moonshine empire. Grab your partners in crime, get your moonshine at the ready and come join us down at the Saloon. Make the experience extra memorable by assigning someone a unique character and watch them play out an integral part of the immersive storyline.

Moonshine Saloon combines immersive theatre with a world-class cocktail drinking experience​ in East London

A visit to Moonshine Saloon will see you become a part of the story as you bring your own liquor and become the beating heart of a covert liquor operation led by the self-styled King of the Moonshiners, Clyde Cassidy. With the Law previously coming close to catching Cassidy, the Saloon makes the perfect meet-point for new outlaws to join the Gang and learn the art of smuggling and supplying illicit liquor during the Great American Frontier. Within the Saloon, outlaws can rub shoulders with the local’s, try their luck at cards or dice games or perhaps be trusted enough to receive a close-up inspection of Cassidy’s notorious Moonshine Distillery.


Your Own Unique Character


Celebrating a special occasion? Make the experience extra memorable by assigning the birthday boy/girl, hen or stag in your party a character. These come with your own unique costume and character. Choose from the available options below and watch them play out an integral part of the immersive storyline.

*Available to add at check-out.

Your Own Unique Character

The Deputy Sheriff

Become the Deputy: This individual is on the payroll of Mr Clyde Cassidy and is his informant inside the Law. The Deputy earns good money, albeit dirty, through Mr Cassidy to ensure the Sheriff doesn’t poke his nose in the business. If the commanding Sheriff happens to pay a visit be sure to keep your involvement in the empire cahoots!

Your Own Unique Character

The Brothel Keeper

Become the Brothel-Keeper: As the owner of the local Brothel House, “Sissy’s”, this individual is partial to a bribe or two to feedback incriminating intel to Mr Clyde Cassidy about the Law enforcers who frequently visit. Through the Brothel and your trusty troop of harlots and varlots, you know a huge deal about the wrongdoing of Coldwater’s residents and visitors alike.

Your Own Unique Character

The Mayor

Become the Mayor: It is always a jovial occasion when the Mayor is welcomed to the Saloon. With your popular promise to “Clean up Coldwater”, you are the last person the Sheriff would suspect to be involved in the moonshine business. This will prove hugely valuable to Mr Cassidy.

Visiting Hours

Located in the heart of City-Slicker territory, the closest railroad’s are Liverpool Street Station or Aldgate Station both only a short walk or horse-ride.

19:05 – 20:50

19:05 – 20:50

19:05 – 20:50, 21:30 – 23:15

12:00 – 13:45, 14:15 – 16:00, 16:40 – 18:25, 19:05 – 20:50, 21:30 – 23:15


Moonshine Saloon, 28-30 Houndsditch, London EC3A 7DB, UK

Moonshine Saloon Social

Stag and hen dos

Whether looking for a unique hen do idea or a quirky stag experience, Moonshine Saloon makes the perfect venue with packages specifically tailored for groups of fun-loving outlaws.

Birthday Ideas

Gather your gang to celebrate a birthday you won’t forget. Moonshine Saloon promises to be a fun birthday idea in London.

Corporate Event

Featuring high spirits and plenty of moonshine to go around, step-back in time to America 1904 and unleash your colleagues inner outlaw.

Gift Vouchers

Is there a Bounty out on someone you know? Gift a loved one tickets to Moonshine Saloon. Vouchers remain valid for one year from purchase.