What is Moonshine Saloon?


Moonshine Saloon is an immersive cocktail experience that gives guests the chance to unleash their inner outlaw by bringing Moonshine (liquor) to join Clyde Cassidy's infamous Moonshine Empire. Guests will be transported to an unseen world of the American Wild West whilst enjoying personalised cocktails by a team of expert mixologists. 


Where is Moonshine Saloon?


Moonshine Saloon is located in the heart of East London at 28-30 Houndsditch, London EC3A 7DB. The closest railroad's are Liverpool Street Station and Aldgate Station, both only a short walk away.


 Can we just walk-in or is it reservations only?

Cowboys visiting the Saloon must have a pre-purchased ticket. This will help ensure you don’t arise any suspicion from the Law upon arrival. 


How much liquor (moonshine) and what should I bring?


Clyde Cassidy, The King of the Moonshiners has developed a covert Bootlegging operation and suggests that a 35cl bottle of spirit per two guests is the easiest to remain undetected by the Law (70cl between four). If coming in groups, please bring as few variations of spirit as possible within the group. Please bring base spirits such as vodka, gin, rum, tequila or whisky.

To avoid a run in with the Law we will not accept any bottles previously opened.

What should I wear?


Please wear light clothing as the local Tailor will be fitting you out with authentic attire so y'all don't attract no attention! City slickers often catch the eye of the Sheriff, therefore it is important you don't stand out!

How long do we get inside Moonshine Saloon?


All bookings last 1 hour 45 mins from the time of reservation. Please arrive promptly for your booking as early arrival will ensure priority access into the Saloon. 



How many cocktails do we get during our time in the Saloon?

The Saloon Barkeeps will serve approximately 4 rounds of drinks for your gang of moonshiners within your time in the Saloon. All mixers, juice, syrups, liqueurs and garnishes required to make delicious moonshine cocktails inside the Saloon are included in the entry cost.

Can I cancel my tickets and get a refund?


Unfortunately, we do not have a refunds or cancellation policy, however, it is possible to move your booking to another day if we are given 48 hours’ notice prior to your visit. In order to do this, please email king@moonshinesaloon.com


Does Moonshine Saloon Serve Food?


In days gone past the Saloon once was known for its hearty reputation, however, since the King of the Moonshiners has got his hands on it, the Saloon now is solely focused on its undercover illegal drinks operation! Due to this, no food is served.



How much does entry cost?


There is a £34.99 fee when visiting the Saloon. This helps ensure the relevant background checks take place to ensure you are not working for the Sheriff. 


Is there a minimum/maximum table size?

There is no minimum or maximum table size. 


Are there actors?


Moonshine Saloon is an immersive cocktail bar experience involving actors who help bring to life a fun, light-hearted experience for guests. If at any time guests do not act respectful and polite towards actors and the venue then they run the risk of their experience being cut short. 

What is your age policy?

The King will not allow cowboys under 18 years old into his Saloon and join his empire. 

How do I book?


Please book via our website – www.moonshinesaloon.com/bookings

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