Congratulations Outlaw

You're Booked

As you are the leader of your gang, you will now receive an email with your full group’s tickets attached. Before your visit to the Wild West, please have yourself and your full gang complete the below instructions. You will also receive an email from Moonshine Saloon with these instructions.

Step One


Before your visit to the Wild West, y’all need to break into the Sheriff’s Office in order to forge your paperwork so y’all can safely visit the Saloon and avoid arrest. Please use the Register Link below.

Step Two


Once you are registered, it is important your gang are also. Please copy this link and send direct to the rest of your group. It is important each member of your group registers using their own details and own devices. They will also need the date of their visit to register correctly.

If for some reason this email has not been received, please check your junk mail. If nothing is still received or you have any questions, please email [email protected].

We look forward to doing business together!