Five different roles friends play on a night out

When you’re out drinking with friends, as the night unfolds everyone (at least those under the influence) tends to get into character and in comes their alter-ego! With such a range in how the cocktails affect one another, we all tend to have our staple roles on a night out. 

As story tellers, here at the Moonshine Saloon we love a narrative and enjoy bringing theatre to our world-class cocktail experience. Here are the 5 different roles friends play on a night out.

1. The Life Coach:


We all have that friend who, whether they like it or not, spends their evening coaching others through their troubles. You’ll catch little extracts from their motivational speeches, as they advise strangers throughout the night and wonder to yourself if they’re sad they missed their favourite song. 


2. The Reckless One:


Ever dared yourself to do a headstand on the bar? Well, you’re probably the reckless one out of the bunch! These are the mighty few who let the adrenaline take its toll and wind up either in A&E or equally on YouTube for carrying a trolley home. 

3. The Dancer:

We all have that friend who has clearly rehearsed before hitting the town. With not a step out of place and mimicking moves identical to those of John Travolta, they have the whole room applauding by the end of the night. With this type of friend, alcohol consumption seems to work in their favour and surprisingly just seems to fuel their grooves.

4. The Cry Baby:

Whether it’s a break-up or their lipstick didn’t quite sit right, both equate to the same amount of tears with the emotional ones. It comes out of nowhere – one minute they’re inhaling Tequila, and the next they’re revisiting romantic archives in floods of tears. These are the ones the life coaches of the night usually end up with. 


5.The Philosopher:


At the end of the night, when everyone piles into pizza parlours, this is the friend that manages to make something profound out of a take-away. If you’ve ever found yourself relaying “The Meaning of Life” to the bartender, taxi driver or person in front of you in the bathroom queue you are guilty as charged. 

Moonshine Saloon, combining immersive theatre with a world-class cocktail drinking experience, transports all guests from the streets of East London to the streets of the Wild West on the promise of making a fortune in an illicit moonshine smuggling operation at the top of its game. If you’re ready to have a night out, make your booking today.