Why Themed Bars Are Becoming Increasingly-Popular In The UK

As we are sure you will be aware, the vast-majority of restaurants and bars have been forced to keep their doors closed for the best-part of a year – this is, of course, due to the impact that has been had by the coronavirus. Now that things are beginning to return to normal, you might like to get out and explore new experiences. Here at Moonshine Saloon, we believe that there is no-better way to go about this than to visit a themed bar. If you continue your reading down below, you can find out a bit-more about why the popularity of these establishments continues to grow.

Immersive Experience

From the moment that you step into a themed bar, you will realise that you have entered into a different world. Rather than taking a trip to your usual cocktail bar, whereupon you will be greeted by the loud noises from neighbouring tables, a themed establishment allows you to completely soak-up a culture that you are unfamiliar with. These places are unique, and when you realise that you are unsure if, or when, you will be able to sample this type of experience again, you will do everything in your power to savour each-and-every moment.

Quirky Flavours

Before you have decided upon which themed bar you want to go to, the likelihood is that you have taken a glimpse at some of the menus that are on-offer. Immediately, it will become obvious that the food and drinks are completely different to what you are used to. Not only will all of the traditional names have been changed, but you may also get to try exciting concoctions that have previously eluded to. It is possible that the one of the unique drinks that you are offered turns into one of your firm-favourites. 

Something Different

If you have become sick-and-tired of going to the same bars with your friends, perhaps the time has come to try something different. Whilst you will undoubtedly be drawn towards places that offer around-the-clock happy hours and discounted drinks, these can become a little boring and monotonous. The same cannot be said for drinking dens that are based on the likes of the Game of Thrones, or the Prohibition Era. These unique bars will offer entertainment like no-other, and we guarantee that you will have a smile on your face throughout.

Why Come To Us

For those of you that are beginning to see the benefits that are associated with themed bars, the next logical step involves finding somewhere to try for the first time. Although you are certainly spoilt for choice here, you could do a lot worse than to give Moonshine Saloon a chance. Based upon the real-life stories associated with liquor smuggling in America, we strive to give you the opportunity to see what life was like, as well as experience first-hand the flavours that were available.

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When you come to Moonshine Saloon, you can be rest-assured that you will be in for a treat; as far as drinks experiences go, we are second-to-none in terms of quality. During the hours that you spend with us, you will undertake a journey like no-other. In case you were wondering, we are also available for private hire, meaning that we can host such occasions as birthday parties and stag-dos. If you have a couple of questions regarding our prices, or wish to chat to a member of our team about the possibility of holding a special event at our establishment, we suggest that you take advantage of the enquiry form found on our website – we can’t wait to hear from you.