Why Moonshine Saloon Is More Than Just A Modern Speakeasy Bar 

During the 1920s, there was a nationwide ban on the manufacture, importation, transportation and sale of alcoholic beverages in the United States. During this time, saloons were closed so many individuals turned to illegal means to get hold of their liquor and this led to lots of speakeasy bars popping up across the country. 

Of course, this is no longer the case and alcoholic beverages are readily available these days, but people are intrigued to experience what it was like living during the Prohibition era. So, modern-day speakeasies provide guests with an immersive experience in hidden bars where they can enjoy drinking during a time where it was illegal to do so. 

With more immersive experiences in London than ever before, you won’t struggle to find somewhere to drink with moonshiners and outlaws, but Moonshine Saloon offers more than just a place to drink. Our immersive cocktail bar really is more than just another modern speakeasy bar in London and here’s why;

There is a story behind Moonshine Saloon 

Unlike lots of other modern-day speakeasies, here at Moonshine Saloon, you’re not just visiting a hidden bar, you’re being immersed in a whole storyline. You will become the beating heart of a covert liquor operation led by the self-styled King of the Moonshiners, Clyde Cassidy, who is trying to save his wife Ada’s saloon from going bust. 

After a few years of moonshining in-house, Cassidy’s makeshift still can’t keep up with the high demand and he turns the saloon into a unique Apothecary. He uses this as a clandestine meeting point to strike deals with notorious moonshiners and distillers, and expand his Moonshine Empire. This is the speakeasy bar that you’ll be visiting.

A team of actors make the experience unique 

Some of the modern speakeasy bars in London are simply decorated to make them feel like an illicit establishment from the 1920s, but Moonshine Saloon goes one step further. There are a brilliant team of actors on-site who help to bring our cocktail bar to life and to ensure that all guests have a fun, light-hearted experience. 

In addition to this, all guests will have to visit the local tailor to be fitted with authentic attire too. After all, it is essential to make sure that everyone in Moonshine Saloon looks the part to ensure that they don’t stand out or catch the eye of the sheriff. 

Guests bring their own liquor with them

Many of the immersive cocktail bars in London are simply bars that you can order drinks from, but Moonshine Saloon requires guests to sneak their own liquor into the hidden bar to enjoy drinks with a gang of moonshiners. The saloon barkeeps will then make bespoke, contemporary and classic cocktails using the guests’ bottles of spirits. 

Whether you bring in vodka, gin, rum, tequila or whisky, our world-class mixologists will be able to create a range of delicious cocktails for you and your group, and you will have approximately 4 drinks during your time in the Saloon. Anything else that is required to make the moonshine cocktails is included in the entry price, so there are no hidden costs. 

It is possible to privately hire the venue 

You can easily book Moonshine Saloon for big groups of guests online, but you even have the choice to privately hire the whole venue too. Other modern speakeasy bars in London might not offer this, but we know that our drinking den is the perfect backdrop for any special occasion, so you can privately do business with Cassidy or host your own event at the saloon. 

We have a range of different private event packages for our guests to choose from and we can even offer bespoke events too. So, we will ensure that the experience you have at Moonshine Saloon meets all of your needs. 

Booking a table at a speakeasy bar in London 

It is fair to say that when you’re wanting to visit a speakeasy bar and immerse yourself in the illegal shenanigans of the Prohibition era, the Moonshine Saloon is undeniably the best location for a quirky yet unforgettable night out. This Wild West drinking den is the perfect place to enjoy a few cocktails with your friends and you can truly experience what bootleggers and moonshiners would have gone through at this time. 

There really is no better speakeasy bar in London than the Moonshine Saloon and if you’d like to find out more about booking a table with us, be sure to check out the rest of our website today. Of course, if you’d like to speak to a member of our team about what it’s like to visit us before booking, feel free to contact us, we will happily discuss the experience with you in more detail.