What Sets Moonshine Saloon Apart From Other Themed Bars In London?

In case you hadn’t noticed, themed drinking establishments have slowly-but-surely seen their popularity sky-rocket. Now that the world has returned to a semblance of normality, people are incredibly eager to experiment and try new things, hence why the intriguing themes are a big-draw. Here at Moonshine Saloon, we try to pay homage to the Wild West. Ours is a bar unlike any other, and we feel that you and your friends would love your time with us. For those of you that are interested, our major selling-points are laid bare down below.

Incredible Characters

Part of what makes Moonshine Saloon such a fantastic location for an evening of entertainment is the roster of characters that can be found within our establishment. We are very selective of the people that we bring on-board, and this is because we want to be unique. If you want to be immersed in the atmosphere, so that you can really focus on the events that are unfolding in front of you, you can be rest-assured that we will be able to cater to your needs with ease.

Fleshed-Out Story

In times gone by, bootlegging was a criminal activity that was widespread across the USA; many smugglers made a lucrative living by smuggling alcohol to those that were willing to pay top-dollar. This is a theme which has started to gain a significant amount of traction. That being said, few bars in London are able to operate on the same level as Moonshine Saloon. Whilst we may not be able to offer you live music, our storyline should more-than make up for this.

Private Hire Options

As we are sure you are aware, Christmas is fast-approaching; the reason that we want to draw your attention to this is because it is important that you try and host a party for your employees that lives long in their memories. In instances such as this, you could do a lot worse than to arrange a private booking with us here at Moonshine Saloon. We will gladly facilitate work days-out; we appreciate the need for team-building events, and we have more-than proven ourselves to be accomplished in this department.

Special Occasions

Picture the scene: your best friend’s wedding is fast-approaching, and you are unsure as to where you want to take them for their stag or hen do. Understandably, you will want this to be a departure from your usual haunts; whatsmore, they will need to have a vast-array of drinks from which to choose from. Thankfully, this is an area in which moonshine Saloon thrives. Once you have provided us with your details, we will work tirelessly to ensure that you and your party have a night that you won’t forget in a hurry.

Take The Next Step

There are various reasons as to why you could be on the lookout for a themed bar for you and your friends to go to. Perhaps you have become bored of the happy hours that you routinely take advantage of at London bars, and crave something different; it could be that you live in East London, and want to be a part of an experience unlike any other. Whatever the case may be, you can be sure that Moonshine Saloon won’t disappoint you. The cocktails we serve are first-class in terms of flavour, and are more than a match for those which can be found in other cool and quirky bars in the local area. If you would like to make a booking with us, please follow the contact instructions on our website.