The COVID Measures That Show That Moonshine Saloon Cares About You

Despite the fact that the coronavirus-inspired rules and regulations are slowly-but-surely coming to an end, we are sure that you will agree that now is not the time to suddenly disregard this incredibly-potent virus. As a country, we have a responsibility to try and limit the possibility of transmission – here at Moonshine Saloon, we appreciate this more than most, as we were unable to open for a significant portion of the last year. We take great pride in trying to be vigilant, hence why we have implemented the following measures into our establishment.

Sanitiser Stations

When you come to our theatre-bar, you will be moving through a variety of different rooms, in each of which you will be treated to a whole-host of colourful characters. When you are leaving each of these, you will be able to take the opportunity to rid yourself of any germs that you might have come into contact with – this is thanks to the various sanitiser stations that we have implemented within Moonshine Saloon. Once you’ve scrubbed your hands clean, you will be free to enjoy your next craft beer or bespoke cocktail.

Face Masks

If you have watched any of the government announcements in relation to the coronavirus, you will no-doubt be aware of the fact that face masks are an excellent way to prevent transmission. It is for this reason that when you attend Moonshine Saloon, you will be issued with a bandana pre-show, if you have not brought your own mask. These are in-keeping with the theme of our bar, and we are pleased to inform you that you are free to take this with you as a keep-sake. In case you were wondering, masks will also adorn the various actors that you will encounter during your stay.

Social Distancing

As much as we would love to return to our rowdy ways, we recognise that we need to take this journey one step at a time. Therefore, we have limited our capacity to thirty people at a time. This subsequently ensures that you and the rest of your party will not need to overly concern yourself with getting too-close to other participants. From the moment that you step inside, you will be able to enjoy carefully thought-out social distancing measures.

Cleaning Regime

Whether you were to attend the Apollo Victoria theatre for an award-winning spectacle, or bought tickets to see a live music concert, one thing is for certain – the hosts will not slack when it comes to cleaning. The same can be said for the Moonshine Saloon team, who are all well-versed in the best cleaning techniques. We provide our staff with the best-possible equipment, ensuring that they are able to create a safe environment for all of our guests.

Take The Next Step

For those of you that are determined to visit a theatrical bar in London, and think that now is the time to start looking for a place to book, you are in luck – Moonshine Saloon is here for you. From the moment that we first opened our doors to the general public, we have been blessed with thousands of customers, all of whom have loved the hard work that we have put into producing an immersive experience like no-other. 


Do you think that we could be just the unique bar that you have been so-desperately searching for, and wish to push ahead with booking a slot of your choosing? If so, we would like to direct your attention to the contact form on our website; using this, you can reach out and discuss your requirements with our support representatives.