Breaking Down Why Moonshine Saloon is London’s Finest Themed Bar

If you are someone that lives in East London, and is trying to plan a night out that will have you talking long after you leave, the solution is simple – make a booking with Moonshine Saloon as soon as possible. We are a themed bar, but unlike any that you have previously visited. Since opening our doors to the public, we have sought to set ourselves apart from the crowd, and we feel that we have been rather successful with this. Below, we have taken the liberty of highlighting certain factors that have allowed us to build the glowing reputation that we currently possess – it should make for enlightening reading.

Interesting Characters

Should you have been lucky enough to visit a themed bar in the past, you will recognise that in order for your enjoyment to be next-level, the actors have to play their part in proceedings. If they are a little lacklustre, we guarantee that this will spoil your trip. Thankfully, this is not an issue that you will run into when you spend a night at Moonshine Saloon. The characters that you will meet within our establishment are committed, and you certainly won’t be disappointed with the interactions that you have with them.  

High-Quality Cocktails

There will likely be a few people reading this that love the sound of what we are offering, but don’t have the time necessary to organise a visit. If this describes the situation that you currently find yourself in, have no fear – we will gladly bring the fun right to your door. Our incredible team have put-together a wonderful selection of cocktails, and these can now be ordered online, irrespective of where you are situated in the country. From Gin Berry Sours to Pineapple Margaritas – we have multiple offerings when you put your faith in Moonshine Saloon.

Excellent Storyline

If you are something of a history buff, you will no-doubt be familiar with the alcohol smuggling which took place at the beginning of the twentieth century. Bootleggers were running rife, and these individuals carried with them a sense of notoriety. Throughout your stay at Moonshine Saloon, you will come across certain characters that have interesting stories to tell about their adventures. Rather than be an outsider looking in, you will be able to become a part of the story – this is not something that can be found in any-old themed bar.


Although it is true that the fight against coronavirus has slowly-but-surely improved, this is not to say that it is over. Here at Moonshine Saloon, we want each-and-every one of our patrons to feel safe, hence why we are still keeping certain rules in-place. This means, for instance, that our staff members will be wearing face coverings. Furthermore, we have a strict cleaning regime, in order to protect both ourselves and our customers.

Need More Information?

When you are looking for a cocktail experience in London that will live long in your memory, the reality is that there are a number of establishments that will be vying for your attention. Cocktail bars are a dime-a-dozen, meaning that you are spoilt for choice.

That being said, once you have browsed through the above list, we hope that you will see that when it comes to immersive experiences which come equipped with master mixologists, few come close to Moonshine Saloon. 

Once you have visited us, you will immediately look to start planning your next trip, such is the level of enjoyment that you have. To those of you that would like to inquire about our availability in the near future, we suggest using the enquiry form on our website.