4 Reasons That You Need To Try A Wild West Bar

Themed bars, in case you hadn’t noticed, are proving to be a firm-favourite in the UK; these are a departure from the bog-standard clubs that people previously considered to be a firm-favourite. Organising a night out can be notoriously difficult, not least because there are so many options from which you can choose from. Here at Moonshine Saloon, we have proved since our opening that Wild West bars are here to stay, and we are pleased to have this opportunity to shine a light on why you should give this theme a try before making a judgement.

Encapsulating Storyline

Whilst the same can be said for almost-all of the themed bars that you can choose from, the fact of the matter is that the Wild West storyline is head-and-shoulders above any of the others. It has to be said that this is perhaps the most-prominent deciding factor for anyone that is on the lookout for a themed bar to go to. The rich decor that features within the saloon, coupled with the rich history that is associated with this time period, is what gives it such a unique atmosphere.

Intense Characters

The Wild West, as we are sure you would agree, was an era that was defined by violence and lawlessness. Therefore, it stands to reason that the characters that you encounter during your trip to a themed bar set in this period would be rather intense. The acting that you will bare-witness to when you have a table at a Wild West-inspired bar is second-to-none; for most people, this is the part of the experience that they tell all of their friends and family about when they get home.

Innovative Drinks

As you would expect, themed bars are notorious for the way that they use their time period as inspiration for the selection of drinks that they have on-offer. Wild West bars are no exception; this was a time where bootlegging was commonplace, hence why the alcoholic beverages are not what you would consider to be ‘normal’. Whether you are someone that wants to sample some moonshine, or you think that a twist on a cosmopolitan is more to your liking – the possibilities are endless.

Moonshine Saloon – The Option For You

Although you may not have heard of us in the past, one trip is all it will take for Moonshine Saloon to become ingrained in your brain. We are by far-and-away the leading Wild West bar in London, and this is a reputation that we work tirelessly to uphold. Not sure if we are the nightlife option that is right for you? A quick glance over some of our excellent Google Reviews should illustrate that we are a cut-above the rest of the field.

Think This Is Right For You?

By now, you have had the opportunity to gain an understanding of what you can expect from a Wild West-inspired drinking establishment. Hopefully, the facts that you have read will have inspired you to get out of your comfort zone and try something a little different. However, this does not necessarily mean that it is plain sailing from here-on out. First-and-foremost, you need to locate a bar that can cater to your particular needs. Should you be looking for an option in London that is reputable and well-known for its ability to satisfy its customers, the solution is simple – use the enquiry form on the Moonshine Saloon website to book a table for you and your friends. We guarantee that once you have come to us, you won’t look back.