2021’s Most-Popular Cocktail Flavours

Whilst it is true that many people have been forced to spend extended periods of time confined to their homes, this is not to say that the cocktail market has been left on its knees. Across the UK, homeowners have been ordering delicious cocktails right to their door, and this is understandable – these are preferable alternatives to the sub-par spirits that you can purchase from your local supermarket. As a first-class themed bar that also doubles-up as a retailer, Moonshine Saloon is glad to be able to draw your attention to this year’s best-selling cocktail flavours.

Gin Berry Sour

This, it has to be said, is a cocktail that has been developed for anyone that has a passion for things which are sour. From the moment that you take a sip of a Gin Berry Sour, you will fall in love with the tang that it leaves in your mouth. With hints of raspberry and blackcurrant running through it, you won’t be forgetting the flavour in a hurry. To take things to the next level, you might like to garnish with a small slice of lemon for good measure. 

Passionfruit Spritz

For those of you that are seasoned cocktail drinkers, it will not come as news to learn that passionfruit is an ingredient that is slowly-but-surely taking over. Therefore, it stands to reason that bottles of Passionfruit Spritz are currently flying off of the shelves in large quantities. The best way to sum-up this cocktail’s flavour is by using one word – it is sweet. Should you be celebrating a special occasion, you could opt to top your glass up with a dash of prosecco for good measure; it will not go amiss, and will serve to heighten your enjoyment of your drink.

Pineapple Margarita

Ever since Margaritas came onto the scene, they have been in high-demand – this is testimony to the wonderful flavour that it brings to the table. Its popularity has led to countless variants being developed, with one such example being the Pineapple Margarita. This is slightly sweeter than the other options, and means that you are not overwhelmed by the harsh nature of the tequila. If you are planning a party, this is a bottle that you cannot do-without.

Espresso Martini

If you are someone that cannot start their day without a piping-hot cup of coffee, you may be surprised by how much you love the unique taste of an Espresso Martini. This is a relatively new innovation within the world of cocktails, and one that has hit the ground running. As is to be expected, there is an underlying bitterness that stems from the coffee. However, rather than overpowering your senses, there is just the right amount to leave you with an enjoyable experience.

Start Your Journey

Have you grown tired of drinking the same alcoholic beverages week-after-week, and think that the time has come for you to mix things up a little? Rather than take your friends for afternoon tea, would you rather schedule an evening during which you can undertake a cocktail experience like no-other? If either of these statements apply to your current position, you are in luck – Moonshine Saloon is here to help. Not only are we one of the most-popular themed bars in East London, but we also have a large collection of products that are available to purchase. Aside from the excellent nature of our services, we have also garnered a lot of attention for the support that we offer our clients. Any questions or queries that you have can be put to our team using the enquiry form on our website.