Five ways to beat a hangover after a wild night out


In a world that places an ongoing emphasis on hard work, (a lot) of fun is needed for the sake of balance. 

One of the best ways to have fun is to step away from reality and immerse yourself in an epic night out. Unfortunately, an epic night out can often lead to a morning after that looks like headaches and nausea. 

As experts in creating spellbinding, immersive experiences to celebrate any occasion, we’re naturally experts at dealing with the odd hangover or two. Today, we’re sharing 5 ways to beat a hangover after a wild night out.



1. Drink fluids – when you’ve had a wild night out, one of the main things you should have access to is plenty of fluids. This is because severe hangovers are usually accompanied by dehydration, so liquids could help you return to normal significantly quicker. Whether you prefer to drink water, sports drinks, or orange juice, do whatever you can to stay hydrated.    


2. Get carbs in your system – many people forget to eat when they’re drinking, but this is a bad idea as it could lead to your blood sugar levels becoming low. When you have low blood sugar, it could trigger hangover symptoms like fatigue and headaches. Nonetheless, eating something as simple as a slice of toast could result in your blood sugar levels rising – allowing you to feel somewhat human again.


3. Take Vitamin B – for everything good it does to your mood, alcohol depletes the vitamins in your system. When you take B-vitamins, it helps to detox your liver and get your body back in good shape. With that being said, take 1-2 B-complex vitamins daily after drinking so that your body is restocked on essential vitamins.


4. Anti-inflammatory medication – to relieve you of some of your hangover symptoms, you might want to try using ibuprofen or other anti-inflammatory meds. But – be sure to avoid medication that has acetaminophen inside, as this could cause liver problems if it’s mixed with alcohol. Also, avoid taking one too many ibuprofen’s as it could cause an upset stomach.


5. Workout – you may feel as though you can’t move but working out is known to be a great cure for a hangover. When you sweat, you stimulate your lymphatic system and excrete toxins which helps your blood flow. If you don’t want anything high-energy, then consider trying yoga instead which is less energy intensive.  


If you’re ready to have a wild night out, make your booking with us today. We offer several incredibly boozy immersive experiences in the heart of London that’ll put the above tips to good use, including Pirates of the Hidden Spirit, Moonshine Saloon, and Alcotraz.